Our Environment is Quite Complex

Symbiosis Review

Metagenomics also referred to as “community genomics” or “environmental genomics”, is the sequencing and analysis of DNA of microorganisms recovered from an environment, without the need for culturing them. [1] Currently we have very little information on the vast majority of microorganisms present on earth. Estimates are that less than 1 % of all bacterial species have been cultured! In fact most of our knowledge about ancient evolutionary organisms is from data associated with organisms that have common links and have been studied vigorously like plants and cultured microbes. With metagenomic studies on the rise there is a potential to unlock new areas of gene evolution.

[2] National Academy of Science

In a recent study done on the Global Ocean Sampling expedition data potentially break through discoveries were made. Researchers at the University of California designed and implemented new methods for analyzing metagenomic data and applied them to the GOS…

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